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Educators Respond to the Narconon® Drug Prevention Program

Over the years, Narconon staff have worked very closely with educators and other professionals in the field of drug prevention. Almost as important as discovering from the kids themselves what issues need to be addressed and what questions they have, is learning what assistance they need in achieving the result of drug free lives, from those who are working with these kids on a regular basis.

In addition to working directly with youth, the Narconon program also provides training for educators, youth workers, church members, health professionals and law enforcement officials, thus enabling them to achieve similar results as Narconon staff around the world.

The following are a few of the responses from some of those professionals with whom we have worked:

"During each of your talks, I was very impressed with how attentive the classes were--at times I could even hear the proverbial pin dropping. The details you provide, the humor you interject and the personal story you share have a very profound effect on our young people...I thank you for bringing your very poignant message to us." - School Adjustment Counselor

"I, personally, was very moved by the presentation. I also learned new information along with our students. I believe, after hearing the presentation myself, that this program can truly save lives as well as help people make decisions that will lead them towards productive lives." - School Principal

"Our seventh grade students took part in the Marijuana presentation and grade six received the Alcohol and the Media presenation. Both programs kept the students fully engaged for close to an hour. Feedback from the students has been quite positive. Staff members who attended the program gave it a two thumbs-up rating for the third year in a row. [The Narconon program] is becoming a powerful component of our existing Health Education program." - Health Educator

"The Narconon presentation was arranged in such a way as to combine personal anecdotes and considerable unpublished facts surrounding the marijuana industry. The students universally reported that they had, in fact, definitely learned things that they had not previously known. The speaker was not viewed as another 'adult lecturing' and several students reported a desire to give up their drug use, or reaffirmed their commitment not to use." - Health Coordinator

"Often children are misinformed about the painful effects of alcohol and drug use or abuse. The Narconon presenter was able to clear up the myths and misunderstandings about substance use and abuse. In addition to his charismatic teaching approach, his willingness to share his own struggle with substance abuse encouraged our students to actively listen and learn from his presentation." - School Counselor

"I have a great respect for Narconon and its mission. It is so important to speak to young people today about what they are up against in today's world." - Health Educator

"As you are aware, drugs and drug addiction is an ever-present danger in our society that prey upon the young. It is vitally important when one can speak from knowledge of experience in addressing the needs of young people at-risk. Again, than you for sharing and caring. Time spent with youth is an investment that will pay dividends tomorrow, making the world a better place for all to live." - Deputy Probation Officer

"Your presentation was excellent. Many of my students are substance abusers and very much in denial about the possible consequences of their continued abuse. They are leery about speakers on 'drugs' because they've heard it all before...You have a balanced presentation. Kids can relate to you as a person and as a former user (as someone they would consider 'cool'), yet they recognize that you know what you are talking about. By sticking to the facts, keeping the tone comfortable (entertaining, yet appropriately serious) and using language at their level, your message comes across as informative and non-judgmental. Thus kids listen... I would gladly recommend your presentation to fellow educators." - Health Teacher

"Before the Narconon presentation to our 8th grade students, I asked them if they remembered the presentation from last year. Not only did they remember having seen it, but they remembered what was said - an ususual feat when dealing with middle school student!" - Guidance Counselor

Our students face many social issues including drug use and abuse. Having Narconon speak to them on the dangers of drug use and the negative affects they can have on the mind & body had a great impact. Thank you again for your sponsorship of Narconon. It is such a wonderful and valuable program" - School Counselor

If you know of a school, community group, or law enforcement activity or health professional association that would benefit from the Narconon Program drug presentation, please call the phone number above and talk to a Narconon drug education specialist.

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