Narconon Review

Review of Narconon Program by Ex-Junkie

"I turned into a monster...."

"It all started when I was 14 years old. I got drunk with a few friends in the woods near my house. I remember it like it was yesterday, we stole a bottle of vodka from my parents and it was on. We got so hammered and I was so hung-over. It was a horrible situation. I vowed that I would never drink again, which lasted about two weeks. Soon I began to smoked pot constantly. By 15, I had smoked crack, snorted cocaine, taken LSD and was still drinking and smoking pot on a regular basis. I was playing soccer for my high school and my grades were still good.

"The next year was when things got worse. I found heroin and started to use very slowly. I didn't believe that I could get addicted and let a little powder control my life. I was dead wrong. I managed to keep most of the areas in my life together, for a while. I graduated high school 3rd in my class, had a great girlfriend, good friends, and a wonderful family. After high school things went downhill rapidly. I lost my job, and a lot of good friends. I had become what I said I would never be. I thought I would never let myself become that weak. I tried to stop on my own and that just turned out to be a joke. I would last maybe three days and then be right out there again. I went into a 12-step program in the fall of 1998. I didn't want help yet. I had been caught stealing and forging my best friends parents checks. They said they wouldn't press charges if I went to a treatment center. I did and lasted 2 weeks before I got myself kicked out. I left and got high three hours later.

"Within days I had my old habit back but this time it was different - this time I was using a needle. I had never shot-up before and I instantly fell in love with it. This is when the bottom fell out. My habit increased dramatically, I was using almost 2 bundles ($200 worth) of heroin daily. I didn't care about a thing except where I was going to get the money to get high and how long I would have to wait until my next fix. I became emotionally closed off to the world, nothing affected me and nothing made me happy. I had lost the person that I was. I turned into a monster. I had no respect for myself or for anyone else. I stole from anyone I could, I pawned almost everything I owned, including many of my parents possessions. My parents tried to get me help again and I left home at the age of 19. I moved into a friend's apartment in southern New Jersey for 5 months.

"Things just got worse; its hard enough to be a junkie and live on your own but, living with four other junkies was hell on earth. I slept on the floor and used my shirt as a pillow. There was never any food, no electricity and four heroin addicts trying to survive and get their fix. After 5 months of hell, I broke down one night and called my mother for help. She said she would give me one more chance. I thanked her and waited on the curb for three hours. She picked me up and brought me home. She said she was watching TV and had found a program in Oklahoma. She called in and found out that it was three months long and they had the highest success rate in the country. I told her I would be fine now that I was away from my old friends. I stayed clean for two weeks and started smoking crack daily. Within a month I was back to injecting heroin and I was so weak and depressed. I had no money, no friends, and no one to turn to. I decided to get my life back on track and started to go to NA meetings. I thought I was doing things right. In the beginning of 2002 I reverted and started to use heroin again. I missed the high and stupidly thought I could control my use this time.

"Wrong again. I got out of control quickly and things were bleak again. I would get high two days in a row and then be sick for a week. My old habit returned and I was stealing again. I stole from my family again, my employer and, my friends. I wanted to get help and stop for good this time. I realized I had to grow up and start being an adult. I just didn't have the courage to tell my parents again. They knew I was using again and had already arranged for me to come to Narconon. I was hesitant at first but, had no choice.

"I took a bus to Narconon and hated every second of it. I was greeted at the bus station and brought to the facility. To my surprise every single person I met and had to talk to was great. I have had a wonderful time so far and owe everything to Narconon. They saved my life and made it possible for me to get the life I've always wanted. I feel mentally and physically great. I have clear thoughts and plan to use what I've learned to be in control of the rest of my life. Drugs didn't fit into the big picture of my life and I couldn't have gotten them out of my life without the help of everyone at Narconon."

~~ S.D. Narconon Student

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