Methamphetamine Abuse is Not Just a Passing Phase

Review from a Narconon Graduate of the Vista Bay Rehab Center

Methamphetamine abusers are hooked on the high of using the drug. Meth is a very strong amphetamine and users feel intense euphoric when they get high. But chronic users also will develop a tolerance to the drug, which means they need more and more of it to feel the same effects. Some researchers believe chronic use has permanent effects on the ability of a user to feel pleasure at all, numbing the addict to any sense of pleasure. Other research shows that some of the effects may be at least partially reversible.

Addiction to meth is like addiction to other drugs, exemplified by compulsive drug seeking and use, even when its harmful effects are noticed. Some meth users seem to be oblivious to the harm it is causing, and will do anything to obtain more of it. There are many stories in the media of child neglect, personal neglect and horrible living conditions found among meth users.

Some symptoms chronic abusers exhibit include anxiety, insomnia, mood disturbances and violent behavior. They also frequently demonstrate psychotic behavior, known as methamphetamine psychosis. This includes paranoia, delusions and hallucinations, both visual and auditory. These psychotic symptoms can last many years after meth abuse has stopped. Stress has also been shown to trigger a recurrence of meth psychosis in formerly psychotic abusers.

Hope for Abusers of Any Drug Exists at Narconon Centers around the World

Get Off Meth

Fortunately, for anyone who is hooked on meth or other drugs, there is hope for a full and lasting recovery at Narconon. The eight-phase Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program includes a full physical detox, which cleans out the residues of drugs, as well as several life skills courses to teach one how to live without the need for drugs.

The Narconon New Life Detoxification Program includes a very specific regimen to detoxify the body of the residues of drugs that can be stored in the fatty tissues of the body for years. Then one goes on to study several courses, learning how to live successfully, communicate with one's friends and associates, and several key skills to being able to remain drug-free. In fact, seventy percent of graduates of the Narconon program remain drug-free and sober long after completing the program.

In Joey's case, he started using meth at about 14 years of age. His addiction to crystal meth resulted in legal troubles that sent him to various rehab programs before he came to Narconon. His father describes how the other inpatient facilities' programs just were not working for his son. He said they had ended with Joey leaving and going on a weekend of drug use and not returning to the program.

The difference that Joey's father saw in his son when he went to Narconon was remarkable. He and his wife went to visit Joey at Narconon and say they saw a son who was aware of his surroundings, positive and whose presence was very strong. Joey's full recovery at Narconon in 2004 is the reason that his father feels successful today. He said, "To us, being successful was seeing our son achieve goals he'd wanted to achieve."

Find out all the details of the Narconon program for yourself or your loved one. Speak with a Narconon representative today.



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