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Mother of Drug Rehab Graduate Reviews Narconon Program

Jorunn Johansen, mother of Narconon graduate Ole-Morten Johansen, delivering a drug education lecture

Jorunn Johansen
Mother of Narconon Graduate
Delivering Drug Education Presentation

Europe news:
Jorunn Johansen, mother to Ole-Morten Johansen, had tried, together with her daughter, to help her son overcome his drug problem for many years, but with no positive results. When she contacted a rehabilitation center in Norway, they told her there was no place at the moment and she would have to wait two years! She couldn't wait such a long time and kept looking for an alternative solution.

Her addicted son, Ole, before doing the Narconon program

Ole before the Narconon program

On a winter day in 2004 her daughter found on the internet a home page promoting a drug rehabilitation program called Narconon. In May, Ole started the Narconon program at Narconon Denmark. A new day in a new life had just started.

Ole, a former drug addict and graduate of the Narconon program

Ole after the Narconon program

Jorunn remembers how it was:

"I saw how he was changing during the program, becoming better and better. Before the program I felt he separated from me and it was scary. My son didn't want to be part of a family. But during the program our relations became better; we started to understand each other. I saw it was not an easy program for him to do. Sometimes he wanted to drop it, but with support from the family and staff members of Narconon, he continued, and in February 2005 he successfully completed the program!

"After he came back to Norway, he found a good job and a nice girlfriend. They both are creating a happy family. The knowledge he got on the program he is using in life all the time and it helps him a lot! After the program Ole helped two friends and got them to start on Narconon. They also finished the program and are now doing fine! I am so happy we found Narconon!

Mother of a Narconon graduate training in drug education

Jorunn Training as a
Narconon Drug Educator

Jorunn is studying now at the Narconon Europe Academy to deliver drug prevention presentations to PARENTS!

"I know how it is to be a mother of a drug addict, and I would like to help such parents and give their children a chance to create a life without drugs! I know myself it is possible. I did it!"

For more information on Narconon activities in Europe, visit Narconon Europe's website: Drug Rehabs Europe

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