Narconon Program Review

Former Amphetamine Addict Review of Narconon Program

From pills to amphetamine addiction, Jenny is now drug-free.

Jenny Narconon Eslov, Sweden, graduate

Jenny - Narconon Eslov Graduate 2004

Jenny's Story:

"My name is Jenny and I'm 21 years old. I started to take drugs 2 years ago. Everything started with different pills because I thought that would help me to control my life and get rid of misemotional feelings. It didn't take long till I was injecting amphetamine several times a day and really became addicted.

"During the whole time I was on drugs I thought that I had control over my life and that I had it great. But behind my back I destroyed everything that I had built up and fought for in my life. I disconnected from all my drug-free friends, disconnected from my family, so I had not any friends except my drug friends. The days only went with planning how I was going to get money to do drugs. I did everything to get my amphetamine and it was the only thing in my life. Luckily I got in contact with a Narconon graduate who helped me to start on the Narconon program.

"Now, five months later, I sit here and write this. My life has improved day by day since I started in Narconon. The Narconon Program includes courses. My favorites were "The Communication and Perceptions course" and "Ups & Downs in Life course". During the Communication and Perception course incredible things happened. It was like I woke up to a new life again. My life has been straightened out and everything has fallen in place since I have completed the full program. Now I really know who I am.

"I have found the calm in myself and I have never been happier!! Today I have very good contact with my parents, sisters and brothers, and we have better communication now than ever.

"I got my life back and now it's me that has the control over my life! I have learned so incredibly much about myself and I have with Narconon's help found out who I really am. It's a tough road, but I should have done it long ago because the result of the Narconon Program is totally incredible!!! I never thought that it would be possible to come out on "the other side" and enjoy life like I do now.

"Thanks to all at Narconon Eslöv!!!!

~~ Love, Jenny

Narconon Eslov contact information: Narconon Eslov - Drug Rehab Center Sweden

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