Narconon Review

Review of the Narconon Program
by Jennie Trahant
Former Heroin Addict

"My father died when I was young and my mother had to go out to work to support myself and my brother. By the age of six I was pretty much taking care of myself. I had to fend for myself most nights and became very independent and relied on myself. Unfortunately, by the age of 14, I was an addict hooked on heroin. My addiction was severe and gripped my entire existence. I felt I had nowhere to turn to and no one I could trust. At one point my addiction was so bad I had decided I was going to die (I remember these thoughts running through my head). I was jailed 3 times and had numerous overdoses. Life was not pleasant.

"Finally one day I overdosed and was picked up out of a gutter by the Los Angeles paramedics. My mother was contacted and she took me to a program in downtown Los Angeles called Narconon.

"I stayed at Narconon and through the help of the staff and the program, I handled my addiction. I then trained in the program, became a Narconon staff member, and ended up running Narconon Southern California for twenty-five years!

"It became obvious that help was needed to spread the program to other countries, so off I went! In the last five years I have helped to establish Narconon centers in England, Australia, Montreal, Atlanta, Houston, and Sweden. I have traveled the world and, let me tell you, Narconon programs are needed in every country.

"It's been very fulfilling to me to see how many Narconon graduates rise to the top of their fields. For example, I put one young man through the program who had battled for years to overcome his cocaine addiction. Today he is finishing his master's degree and is a teacher in the L.A. Unified School District. Another young man, a heroin addict who was facing jail time, is now the Executive Director of our Southern California facility and is daily helping others come off drugs.

"Our job is a big one. We know we were personally saved by the program, and we pride ourselves on every graduate we get through the program as we know from personal experience that we have just saved another life. Can you think of a more rewarding game to play?"

~~ Sincerely, Jeannie Trahant
Narconon drug rehab graduate

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