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Drug-Free for Ten Years

Kenny - a Narconon drug rehab graduate -- 10 years drug-free

Keny Zaucha - Narconon Graduate
Celebrates 10 years drug free!

Kenny Zaucha graduated the Narconon drug rehab program 10 years ago, in Los Angeles. Here's his story:

"Hello. My name is Kenny and I'm 42 years old. I completed the Narconon rehabilitation program in Los Angeles in 1994. I'm writing a success story because I want drug addicts to know that the Narconon program IS the solution and that you can be permanently free from drugs for the rest of your life. I know because I am.

"I was heavily addicted to drugs. I had my first alcoholic drink when I was about 12 years old. I used and abused drugs such as alcohol, marijuana, hash, methamphetamines and cocaine. Because of the drugs, I even threw away a promising career as a professional baseball player. Eventually I ended up on the streets. I tried drug rehab centers, lived in halfway houses, and participated in thousands of meetings. Nothing worked.

"I was told I had a disease. I never had any disease! I was told I needed to "cope." "Coping" only hides problems temporarily. Misery and drug abuse inevitably follow.

"I was told everyone has drug cravings. Well, as part of the Narconon program, I sweated drugs and toxins out of my body. As a result, I never have drug cravings anymore.

"I was told I used drugs because 'you didn't really want sobriety' and 'you haven't hit your bottom yet.' Well, that bottom is death.

"I'm thankful to myself for never giving up hope of finding a solution. I'm thankful to my parents for never giving up on me and finding Narconon.

"I've been permanently free from drugs for TEN years now, and I'm 100 percent in control of my life. I learned vital tools that I use everyday to live my life. I'm alive, productive, and happy now--also very happily married.

I'm thankful to the Narconon staff for being there for me and helping me. And I'm most thankful to William Benitez for establishing the organization and L. Ron Hubbard for providing the methodology, and for saving lives--especially mine!"

~~ Kenny Zaucha, Narconon Los Angeles Graduate

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