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Narconon Melbourne in Australia came into being in 1998, thanks to the work of Dr. Nerida James, who started the Narconon® First Step program and went on to open a full residential center in Melbourne.

The center recently held a big graduation event--present and past graduates and their family and friends. Here's what some of them had to say:

Narconon Melbourne drug rehab graduation

Narconon Melbourn Graduate - Ryan

"Words can never do justice how much success this program has given me. I came here an angry and broken person. I was completely lost. From day one it was like I was ever so slowly rebuilding myself, and I was doing it. And sitting here right now I feel like a 100 percent complete person. It's as simple as that, but it doesn't get any BETTER. Thank you, NARCONON!"

~~ Ryan

Following are excerpts from a long success story from Jen who completed the Narconon Perception and Communication Course. This course is designed to help a person extrovert himself from past upsets and other chaos associated with past drug use through specific exercises (called "Objectives") in communication with the environment.

Narconon Melbourne drug rehab graduation

Jenni - Narconon Graduate

"When I began at Narconon Melbourne seven months ago it would be fair to say I was an absolute train wreck who was emotionally unhinged. As I progressed through the communication drills and sauna I most definitely made some headway in lifting the fog that was a permanent fixture in my life for so many years.

"But the Objectives have come along and absolutely blown me out of the water with how much more in the moment I am. The fog has completely dissipated. I'm able to think clearly. I can concentrate on tasks at hand. My mind no longer races at a million miles an hour. I feel a sense of childlike wonder at my environment...

"For as long as I can remember I had feelings of self loathing, of never being good enough. I was always a people pleaser and tried to be everything to everybody. As a result I lost myself along the way, and this was only compounded by drug use. I didn't know who I was or what I wanted. But I did realize the identities I created served a purpose at the time . I felt people would have no expectations of me. Then I could fail in their eyes 'cos what did they expect from a junkie!

"... I feel such a huge relief of letting go of that persona who was never really me to begin with. 'She" just developed as a survival mechanism for someone who just couldn't confront. I realize that I actually quite like myself and that I am a good person. For a long time I thought I was an awful evil person who deserved nothing good. In fact, much of my self destructive behaviour was bordering on self flagellation. I believed I deserved to be punished. Unfortunately, this belief also punished those around me. I no longer define myself by my past. I have let go of it so I can truly be in present time. And it is only now that I can fully appreciate just how out of it I was.

"... Drugs completely strip you of the ability to live, to enjoy life as you should. What makes life special and joyous is eroded. The fact that shrinks told me I had depression and that pharmaceuticals would manage it is amazing to me now. I recently realized I haven't felt truly depressed in ages and that I am in better emotional shape than ever before. And I have been cause over this instead of effect. I haven't needed drugs or some magic pill to get here. I have brought about this change through perseverance and confront, not to mention a little help from the all-knowing staff!"

~~ Jenni

Narconon Melbourne drug rehab graduation

Peter - Narconon Graduate

"I always thought I knew the difference between right and wrong. I knew I was doing the wrong thing by taking drugs. Now I know why I felt so bad about it and have a much better understanding of the mechanics behind individuating and leaving a lot of my old jobs. I feel much better about myself and I know there is a way out of feeling like this when and if I do the wrong thing ever again."

~~ Peter

"I had a good realization in recent days... With being in sauna recently I experienced a release of industrial toxins from my body and mind... Becoming clearer in my mind is an experience I had been craving because having the slightest focus is one huge step forward for me! It's been so long since I felt this way, knowing there is a way through... Something spiritual and universal is happening--I know it! I feel it! It's great!!

~~ Tim

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