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"I don't have cravings for drugs...."

Ole, Narconon Denmark drug rehabilitation program graduate

Ole - Narconon Denmark Graduate

"Hello. My name is Ole-Morten Johansen. I'm 24 years old. I'm writing a story about how my life has been after doing the Narconon program at Narconon Denmark.

"When I came back to Norway, I thought that the world had changed drastically, but I fast realized that the world didn't change. The people in my city were exactly the same. I could then feel that the only thing that had changed was my own life.

"I came to Frederikstad in Norway with a new view on life and saw the real world as it was, with all the traps the city has. But with the things I learned at Narconon, I see the traps as they are and I know the consequences if I go into them again. Narconon gave me the knowledge I needed to get my life back and be in control over it as I want.

"Now I have been drug free for 1-1/2 years. I don't have cravings for drugs and I have stepped into a positive environment. I have not needed to get stoned as I don't need to escape the real world. I like to be in reality and have control.

"My family is happy for the way I am and the environment I have. Many have told me that they have big respect for what I have been through and the one I have become. I have not got any negative responses--only positive. Many of my friends didn't imagine that I could change, but I have shown them a new person and they are very impressed about it.

"Narconon gave me the tools I needed to handle problems if and when they cross my way. Life is beautiful without drugs, and now I am the one in control, not the drugs. Thanks to L. Ron Hubbard and Narconon!"

~~ Ole-Morten Johansen
Narconon Denmark Graduate

Narconon Denmark: Drug Rehab Denmark

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