Narconon Review

Drug Rehab Review by Mother and Son

"Thanks to God and Narconon and staff, I have him back."

Drug rehab result -- Byron and his mother, 2004

Byron T. - Narconon Graduate
With his mother Cindy

A Son's Story:

"Before coming to Narconon®, I was on a rollercoaster ride, heading straight for hell. Meth and Xanax had taken my life over. They had separated me from my family and loved ones and separated my body from my soul. Narconon has given me my life back and allowed me to go back out in society and have the drug free life I choose. I would like to thank Narconon for everything they have done for me and I know my family is grateful also. Thanks, Narconon."

~~ Byron T. -- Graduate from Narconon Arrowhead

A Mother's Story

[Note: This is a marvelous story in and of itself, but we'd like to bring your attention to the sentence in the next to last paragraph: "He came home better than he was even before drugs." That's what the Narconon rehab program can do!]

"I temporarily lost my son to drugs for about 3 years. Thanks to God and Narconon and staff, I have him back.

"Three years ago, he started experimenting with marijuana and alcohol, which was okay because, after all, I had done this and quit, his brother had done this and he quit. I also was thankful it was pot and alcohol, at least it was not pills.

"About a year later it was pills and I thought it was bad, but thank God it was not meth. I feel so much to blame for allowing this and ignoring signs showing me he was not going to outgrow this, which, by the way, he eventually went to meth.

"I bought him clothes, moved him to a new town, put him in college, paid his bills, begged him to quit, threatened him, screamed, cried, and prayed to God for help. Nothing happened. If anything, he got worse. He wrecked vehicles, got tickets, lost jobs, lost a house, charged up debts. He threw temper tantrums, went through about 8 cell phones in 3 years, but he was smart. About the time he knew we had had enough and was about to toss him out on the streets, he would straighten up and be so good, work hard. He was good at this and I fell for it every time.

"In September of 2004 he got a new truck, grandma co-signed, all was going well, had a good job, showed up for work, saving a little money, staying home and eating supper with us, and actually seemed like the old son. This time I didn't fall for it. Usually before the storm it gets calm. I had prayed for about two-and-a-half years for God to just zap him and make him well. Never happened. On Sept the 20th, 2004 I prayed to God, whatever it takes--jail, being busted--I could handle anything other than the drug scene.

On October 8, 2004, BOOM! Rainy day, no work, big paycheck and, yes, the friends we had made. I began calling about 10 a.m. No answer, not a good sign. I knew it was only a matter of time before someone called; they'd tell me he was dead, in jail, or in the hospital. He called, wrecked his new truck, needed help, needed help from the same person he had told to butt out of his whole life weeks before.

"To make a long story short, his boss gave me 2 numbers--Narconon and one in Mississippi. I called Narconon and talked with a man who gave me Dena's number in Oklahoma. She was a Godsend, she was so helpful. I tried to give him the number but he threw a fit and said he'd find his own. He went on the internet and found Narconon. Well now, if any of you have ever looked up drug rehab, you will see there are thousands. It was not luck he found Narconon, it was God answering a 3 year old prayer of mine.

"The sauna program is wonderful, but the life books are what I was so impressed with. I knew he could quit drugs; it was dealing with everyday life that he had trouble with. As he went through each book, he became more positive, happier, more confident, and was back in control of his life. He learned to bury the past, concentrate on the future, and depend on himself, no one else.

"I am forever indebted to Narconon and all the staff--Amanda, Shannon, Emily. Oh, I wish I could remember everyone's name! Everybody there, cafeteria, housekeeping, counselors, everybody, thank you and rest assure each of you are in my daily prayers. He has been home almost 2 months; he is still doing well, hasn't thrown a temper tantrum. He came home better than he was even before drugs. If you have a loved one using drugs, don't put off getting them help.

"Thanks, Narconon, for giving me back my son. Also, after the completing the program, I've been able to call and get advice, support. The Success Office is always eager to help me in any way. Thanks, Narconon."

~~ Cindy B.
Mother of Narconon Arrowhead graduate

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