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Reviews of Communication Course
by Narconon Program Students

A sample of the many great results from the Communication Course

"When I got out of withdrawal, I still wasn't feeling well, but I've gotten a long way from there now. I feel better than I have in five years. And I'm also very confident that I will be able to stay drug-free. All the stuff I learned in book one [Communication course] will help a lot in the outside world with communication. I'd like to thank Kathy for helping me out."

~~ G.T.

"I learned to be able to be there in present time and how to communicate better. Also, how to be in control, even if this is hard to do."

~~ J.W.

"Book one was very helpful in reestablishing my communication skills for when I return to a drug-free life. It enables me to be here and deal with confrontational events and people. All in all, it was a very positive experience."

~~ R.N.

"What an awesome way to start this program, in course one. The reading and drills will be valuable to me as I continue on into further courses ahead. Already, I value the importance of what Narconon is doing for me. I'm ready to move on and these procedures are keeping me focused and in the present. Great tools!"

~~ V.T.

"I have just completed book one. Book one helped me build patience and more confidence in myself. I also learned how to confront people and myself better."

~~ R.C.

"Doing book one has helped bring me back to a more acute awareness. I really enjoyed sharing my work with a partner and having the opportunity to not only focus on myself making progress, but also someone else's. It gave me a chance to remember what patience is, and also, have respect for someone else's pace and learning ability. I gained a lot out of this drill and I am very thankful."

~~ K.W.

"I love to be in control and book one taught me how to differentiate between good and bad power."

~~ S.M.

"Book one helped me see things a lot clearer and also to let nothing distract me. Also it gave me confidence; if I want to do something I can and stick to it."

~~ A.F.

"When I started book one, I was upset and did not want to finish. Thanks to the staff here and against my best judgment, I continued. Now that I look at it, I am glad I did. I learned to be able to take things one day at a time and stay on the correct path."

~~ T.A.

"I have completed book one here at Narconon. I am proud of the discipline and skills I have learned throughout this process."

~~ J.B.

"Book one was great!! I learned to confront, communicate, and control."

~~ S.H.

"I am very pleased with book one. I had lots of difficulties in dealing with (confronting) situations while using and never even paid attention or realized it!! Now that I went through book one, I have come to the realization of the importance of good confrontation in my dealing with addiction and/or people using or dealing."

~~ J.W.

"Today I passed book one. I succeeded in this by keeping my head up, cycling, and having my mind open to all that I was learning and being taught. I learned to keep a straight face and stick to my dedication but at the same time acknowledge the persons ideas and thoughts. Although it seems long and tedious, you can learn a lot from book one."

~~ D.C.

"I have learned many things in book one to help me control my actions when I leave. I feel the information is very helpful. Control, confronting, and being there are all aspects which will help me in staying sober when applied correctly."

~~ S.G.

These are reviews from students who have finished the Communication course, the "first book" in the Narconon Program. Click to find out more about the Narconon Program

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