Narconon Review:

Saving the Life of a Young Addict

Young people too often get caught up in drug or alcohol addiction, their peers promoting substance abuse and telling them how safe it is and how good they will feel. However, those who push drug use have no idea of the dangers that can come from addiction - or maybe they just don't care. Besides destroying a young person's physical health, addiction takes over his (or her) life and obliterates dreams for a happy future. This is what happened with one young girl.

Amber Rehab Graduate

She said, "When I was addicted, life was really hectic, it wasn't fun and I didn't enjoy it. It was a battle pretty much every day. I didn't go to school much. I was flunking out so then dropped out."

She continued. "My relationship with my mom and dad didn't really exist. We didn't really talk at all and when we did we would just argue. I felt pretty down on myself."

Ending Drug Addiction

This young lady knew this had to end and called her dad and said she wanted to go into rehab. They found Narconon, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center that provides innovative methods to achieve lasting recovery. At Narconon, each person in recovery is treated as the individual he is, a person with his own reasons he became addicted. Any drug rehab should be of a length where the individual can truly overcome the addiction and go back home confident he can stay sober. Narconon has no limit on the time allowed to complete the program, although it usually takes around three to five months.

Innovative Sauna Detox

When an addicted person first arrives at Narconon, he goes through withdrawal and then soon goes on to do the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program. This innovative detoxification sweeps away the residual drugs and toxins that are stored in the body's tissues. Using sauna time, moderate daily exercise and vitamins, healthy oils and minerals, this program is effective in cleansing the body and clearing the mind. When a recovering addict is done with this sauna detox, he feels so much more bright and alive.

Living Drug-free for Good

The final phase of the treatment program is life skills training. At this point, the recovering individual needs to be prepared to go back into the world and deal with life without needing to turn to drugs or alcohol again. With reliable tools which he can use every day to support his sobriety, he has a much better chance at living clean and turning his dreams for the future into reality.

This young lady had her life changed by Narconon. She said, "The program here at Narconon was just awesome. I got so much from it! It gave me everything I needed for life. My plans for the future are to stay here at Narconon and work. It's a good opportunity to give back. After that I'm going to go back to school and get my cosmetologist license."

Help a Loved One

She added, "I gained a lot from being here. The most important thing I gained was that now I have personal ethics. Now I want to do the right thing. I am definitely excited for my future."

Narconon changes lives, of addicts, of families, of society. This is a highly successful drug and alcohol rehab that can be counted on to provide lasting sobriety and give an addict the best chance at a happy and productive life.

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