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Heroin Becoming Popular in Suburbs as an Alternative to Prescription Painkillers

In the past fifteen years there has been a growing problem with addiction to prescription painkillers. These opiate compounds include oxycodone (brand-named OxyContin), hydrocodone (brand-named Vicodin), morphine, oxymorphone and others. These drugs are sometimes prescribed for chronic pain, sometimes for recovery from dental or other surgery, etc. Unfortunately, many people who didn't need these drugs for severe or chronic pain found them strong enough to induce a heroin-like high. They are opioids - meaning opiate-like drugs meaning they are similar to or derived from opium. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, they are capable of inducing a surge of euphoria and clouded thinking followed by alternately wakeful and drowsy states. Heroin depresses breathing, and like the prescription opioids, an overdose can be fatal.

Rehab Graduate Aubre

In the past five years many states have started to respond to the opioid addiction problem by tracking prescriptions across many pharmacies in the state. Ultimately this has been making it harder for abusers to fill multiple prescriptions for the drugs. Coupled with this is the fact some manufacturers have changed the formulation of the drugs to make them harder to snort or inject. These changes have led to an unforeseen consequence. Suburban addicts previously addicted to prescription painkillers have now turned to heroin.

Heroin addiction in the suburbs is growing at an unprecedented rate. This is becoming one of the most difficult drug problems for law enforcement to cope with. Recent headlines in several states point out how this problem is causing overdose deaths among suburban youth. In Illinois, Pennsylvania and others, articles tell the sad stories of too many youth obtaining heroin all too easily, and many who have died. There is a vital need for education as many youth apparently have no idea of the dangers of using heroin. It is readily accessible, as easily obtained as a pizza. One Illinois news article states that one can get it for less than $20.00 delivered to one's door.

No matter how it occurs, if one does become addicted to any drug, the challenge is to get effective help before it is too late.

Narconon Drug and Alcohol Rehab Provides Effective Help

The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program has been providing effective help to addicts and alcoholics for the past forty-seven years. This program is now available in nearly fifty locations on six continents. It consists of a holistic, comprehensive program with eight different phases or steps. The Narconon program is drug-free, that is, it doesn't use other drugs to wean one off the drugs of addiction. Some of the steps of the program are designed to address the physical aspects of addiction while others help a recovering addict learn how to cope with life without the need for drugs. The overall program is so successful that seventy percent of its graduates go on to live drug-free, sober and productive lives.

Heroin had taken control of Aubre's life before she arrived at Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma. She said her family relationships had gone downhill and she had practically no relationship with either of her parents or her grandparents due to her addiction. She was skeptical when she first arrived at Narconon, having been addicted to drugs for so long that she felt it was never going to change.

Rehab Graduate Review

Aubre said that she felt much more physical energy and felt happier when she was done with the sauna phase, The Narconon New Life Detoxification Program. And after completing the full eight steps of the Narconon program, Aubre said, "I don't have the desire to use drugs any more. It's a really good program and I really believe in it."

This can be the success story of your loved one too. Don't wait until it is too late. Call us today.

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