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Life Goes Better Without Drugs

Some people become addicted to drugs at an early age. It often begins with casual drinking at parties and then may escalate to smoking marijuana and then using cocaine, prescription pills and other drugs. By the time one realizes he has a problem, he is already addicted.

Addiction is characterized by the seeking and taking of drugs even though one knows that it is causing him harm. The harmful consequences of his drug-taking behavior could cause the addict's family, friends, coworkers and others great distress but he doesn't see that. He is focused on getting and taking more drugs.

Rehab Graduate Dan

The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that most people begin taking drugs to feel good, to feel better, do better or because others are doing it and they are curious or want to fit in. In the teenage years, one is greatly affected by one's peers. Unfortunately, many teens experiment with alcohol or drugs during these years. Research shows that the earlier one starts trying drugs, particularly marijuana, the more likely he or she will go on to abuse them.

Parents Can Help their Kids Avoid Drugs

The good news is that parents can affect their children's drug-taking behavior. Parents may not think they have an influence over their children's behavior but several studies done by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) have found otherwise. In their series of studies on the importance of family dinners, CASA has shown repeatedly that families who dine together at least five times per week are less likely to have children who use drugs. Other factors, such as parents taking the time to have frank discussions with their kids about the dangers of drug use are also important. In their 2010 study results, CASA found that the teens who dine together frequently, are half as likely to use alcohol and far less likely to use marijuana than those teens living in families who dine together fewer than three times per week.

Teens with closer family ties are more likely to avoid the pitfalls of drug and alcohol abuse. And those who do not begin using drugs before the age of 21 are much less likely to abuse drugs and alcohol at all.

In cases where someone has already gone down the road to abusing drugs, he can still turn his life around.

Narconon Helps Addicts Beat Drug Addiction

The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program had its start in an Arizona State prison in 1966. Since that time it has grown to now having nearly fifty rehab centers on six continents of the world. At each location, one who wants to recover long-lasting sobriety will find caring and well-trained staff members who will assist one with real effective steps to recovery. The Narconon program has demonstrated its success over the past forty-six years. Around the world, seventy percent of its graduates have achieved long-lasting sobriety with the help of Narconon. Dan got to Narconon Arrowhead after having crashed his car and destroyed his family relationships. He agreed it was time for him to get help. He had tried several other drug rehab programs prior to Narconon but with each one he only remained sober for a short time, often swapping one drug for another. He said that the Narconon withdrawal program was absolutely the right way to withdraw from drugs. It did not use any replacement drugs for the drugs he had been addicted to. He added that the drugless withdrawal process of the program was not hard. Dan said that finishing the sauna (the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program) completely took care of his drug cravings.

Rehab Graduate Review

After completing the entire eight-step Narconon program, Dan said that coming to Narconon was by far the best decision he'd ever made. He concluded with his biggest win, "I don't need any drugs, period. Every day gets better and better. My life's getting stronger; my family relationships are getting stronger and my friendships are getting stronger. It's great!"

Find out how this can be the outcome for you or your family member. Call for more details about the full eight-step Narconon program.

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