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Drug Abuse -- a Worldwide Problem

Drug abuse is a worldwide problem. It is not limited in scope to only a few countries or even some socioeconomic classes in those countries. Drug abuse affects almost everyone in some way.

Rehab Graduate Derek

The latest UN World Drug Report says that drug abuse kills around 200,000 people worldwide annually. If global treatment were available to treat drug abusers properly, the report estimates that treatment would cost about $250 billion per year. But the cost to society may be much higher than this. The price of addiction must include the costs of crimes committed by people to finance their habit, plus the lost production of those who are too addicted to work.

According to the 2012 Report, about 230 million people representing five percent of the world's total population used drugs at least one time in 2010. Marijuana was still the world's most widely used drug. In the US, estimates state that one in eleven people has a drug problem.

One answer to this worldwide curse of drug abuse is effective drug education at an early age to prevent young people from becoming casualties of drugs. And for those who do get hooked, effective drug and alcohol rehabilitation is a necessity.

Narconon Program Helps With Drug Education and Rehabilitation

The worldwide Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program includes a very effective drug education curriculum. It has been found that those who are educated about what drugs really do are far less likely to become drug addicts. The education must begin at an early age, however, as by the age of 12 many kids have already experimented with some drugs.

There are also nearly fifty Narconon drug and alcohol rehab centers around the world. So, effective drug education and drug rehab are available in many parts of the world.

Recovering Addicts Learn What They Need to Achieve Lasting Sobriety at Narconon

When a person has decided to kick the drug or alcohol habit, he can come to a Narconon center and find a very welcoming and effective program. The eight-phase, comprehensive program at Narconon does not include other drugs to get one off the drugs of addiction. The program includes helping someone to address both the physical and mental or emotional aspects of drug abuse. It includes five life skills courses to help a recovering addict learn tools he can use to not need drugs again. The program at Narconon is so effective that seventy percent of its graduates remain drug-free for at least two years after completing it.

Rehab Graduate Review

Derek found Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma in time to turn his life around. He talked about how he started using drugs to try to keep up with the heavy demands of his job as a project engineer. He said that the difference in his life due to the Narconon program is remarkable. His life has improved in many ways. He said he has his loved ones back in his life, supporting him in whatever he does now. He added that the Narconon program has taught him how to get what he wants out of life and how to approach things in a positive way. Derek concluded, "I can achieve lasting sobriety because the Narconon program has taught me how to handle the things that can affect me and keep me from getting what I want out of life. I don't have to worry about them anymore. I can take the positive things and work with them and build and get what I want to succeed. I would recommend the Narconon program for anyone, not just addicts. It helps you learn how to achieve what you want out of life."

This can be the result for your loved one who has battled with addiction. We can help. Call today.

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