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Caring about Life without Drugs

When someone is addicted to drugs, life becomes a constant struggle to find the day's dose. The addict does not see how his addiction affects his health, his family or his job. Addiction is characterized by drug-seeking and use even when it has adversely affected one's life. The majority of people who need it never seek treatment for drug addiction. In other cases, people seek rehab treatment but do not find lasting sobriety.

Unfortunately, for many people, these failed attempts at sobriety convince them that they will remain drug addicts for the rest of their lives. They may lose all hope of ever recovering.

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Of the estimated 23.5 million American teenagers and adults who are reportedly addicted to alcohol or drugs, only about ten percent get treatment and sometimes these treatments are not effective in keeping them drug-free. Many of these programs do not deal with the factors that underlie addiction or they are too short to be effective. Some drug rehab programs are antiquated, using 1950's techniques. Others are ineffective and offer only 28 to 30 day treatments for what is clearly a chronic problem that demands a long-term solution.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) presents their recommendations for substance abuse program that are more likely to be successful in a document titled Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment. That document indicates that long-term programs are more effective than others. Research by NIDA and other agencies shows that most individuals need at least three months to significantly reduce or stop their drug use. In fact, longer durations of treatment are associated with improved outcomes in general.

Narconon Provides Help When Needed for Addiction

When someone decides to quit using drugs, the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program provides effective help for addicts to any drug or alcohol. This program has grown from only one location in an Arizona State prison in 1966 to nearly fifty residential centers on six continents today. At each Narconon location, one finds a standardized program that consists of eight unique steps, each addressing an aspect of overcoming addiction. One begins with a relatively tolerable withdrawal phase, followed by the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program. These two steps are designed to help one reduce the effects of the physical aspects of addiction.

After one has completed these, he will study several courses designed to aid him in being able to make drug-free choices for the remainder of his life. The program at Narconon is entirely drug-free. That is, the Narconon program uses no other drugs to help wean one off of drugs of addiction. The program is long-term and may take anywhere from three to six months for a recovering addict to complete.

The Narconon program is so effective that seven of ten Narconon graduates remain drug-free for the long haul. This is a very high success rate among drug rehab programs. Pat had a long, thirty year history of drug addiction before coming to Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma. She said that during the period of her addiction she didn't care about anything and the only thing she lived for was to get and use drugs. For about ten years, she had decided to give up drugs.

During this time, Pat tried many other drug rehabs, various programs and had visited psychologists but nothing gave her relief from her drug addiction.

Rehab Graduate Review

She said that Narconon helped her find the answer to her drug addiction and she has maintained her drug free life for more than six years since completing the program. Pat's biggest accomplishment was that she got her life back at Narconon. "Now I could live happily, successfully, a productive, drug-free life," she said.

Pat continued, "I am happy. I wake up every morning just wanting to go out there and be alive again." She said that her family's biggest win was that they now have a mother, a sister and a daughter back with the help of the Narconon program.

This can be the happy ending for your family too. Find out more details of the full Narconon program. Call today.

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