Narconon Review:

A Young Man Rescued from Addiction

These days, young people begin experimenting with drugs and alcohol at earlier and earlier ages. They don't realize they are paving the way for a life of misery. Kids as young as thirteen try drinking or smoking marijuana, then often proceed to other drugs. For a certain number of them, they are addicted before they know what happened and their lives are a mess. One young man had this happen and was headed for a terrible end.

Smoking Marijuana Trying Heroin

He described his experience. "I was thirteen or fourteen the first time I drank. I had done ecstasy and smoked a lot of weed. It just progressively got worse. I was sixteen when I first tried heroin. I was enrolled in school but I was skipping a lot. Me and my buddies would not go to class but instead go and get drugs, mainly heroin."

Getting Help for Drug Addiction

When his parents realized how serious the situation was, they found Narconon and sent him to this drug and alcohol rehabilitation program so they could get their son back. Narconon is a highly successful and effective drug rehab program which addresses all sides of addiction, from the physical aspects to the mental and spiritual aspects. The addict arrives and goes through the withdrawal phase, made more tolerable with excellent nutritional support.

The next phase is the sauna-based detoxification. Here the participant spends time in a low heat sauna, takes a precise proportion of vitamins and minerals, and does some moderate exercise on a daily basis. This unique and exact regimen flushes out toxins and drug residues that can contribute to the sudden appearance of drug cravings.

Rehab Graduate Travis

This young man did the sauna program and said, "It was in the sauna when I had that click when I knew I wanted to be clean. You start feeling a lot better about yourself. You start feeling better physically. You can see, you can smell."

The next and final phase of the Narconon program is the life skills training. By studying a series of six courses, the recovering addict finds out for himself how he ended up an addict. He also learns effective tools to help him go back home and live drug-free. He discovers ways he can dig himself out of any overwhelming situations in life, rebuilding his dreams and relationships. He learns about integrity, responsibility, and self-respect.

Staying Off Drugs for Good

This young man had to use everything he learned on these courses when he returned home. He said. "When I got home, there were some realities I had to face. I had left life and had to come pick it back up, with my family, school and everything. When I got back I was easily able to take care of what needed to be done."

Narconon Help Specialist

He added, "Life has been great since I finished the Narconon program. Life is perfect right now. I have a job and I'm going to school. I live in paradise. I don't think I've ever been happier."

This is only one young person who had his life changed at Narconon. Tens of thousands of people young and old have shed their addiction and now lead productive, fulfilling lives. Narconon is the first choice of effective drug rehabs when a life needs to be saved from the devastation of addiction.

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