Narconon Review: Arrowhead

Drug Abuse Can Be an Endless Chase

Drug Cravings

Like a cat chasing her tail or a hamster on a wheel, drug abuse can be one endless chase for more and more drugs. The user doesn't know how to stop using drugs. Even if he tries to quit, he is being overwhelmed with an intense need to get and take more drugs. His cravings can be so penetrating that he will do things that he never would have thought he was capable of doing, including committing crimes, cutting off communication with those he loved, and other things. It is like he becomes a different person. This different person is hard for his family to deal with and may frighten his family members so much they cut ties with him.

What Makes an Effective Rehab Program?

However, the person usually needs the help of his family to get him to a rehab facility. It can take quite a while in a rehab program before the person can regain himself again. An effective rehab program should include several stages, each one helping the person to recover a bit more of himself so he becomes more capable and certain that he will be able to live without drugs. This change does not necessarily happen overnight. The National Institute on Drug Abuse says a comprehensive rehab program of at least 90 days is more likely to be effective than ones that are shorter.

Rehab Doesn't Always Happen

But for many people, seeking or going to a rehab center doesn't happen. More than 21 million people were estimated to need substance abuse treatment in a 2011 study, but less than 11 percent or 2.3 million people actually received any kind of substance abuse treatment. Despite the growing number of people who needed treatment, in 2011 the number who actually received treatment for substance abuse was about the same as in 2002. When the person who needs help is your loved one, it becomes vital to quickly find him an effective and safe rehab program.

Narconon Is an Effective Rehab Program

The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program is highly effective and safe. There are nearly fifty Narconon residential rehab centers on six continents of earth now, which have grown from only one small program started by a prison inmate in an Arizona prison in 1966.

Substitute Drugs

The program at Narconon is comprehensive, safe, and drug-free, meaning it uses no substitute drugs to help the person get off the drugs he is addicted to. People coming to Narconon with drug or alcohol problems start off with a relatively tolerable withdrawal period, and often spend three to six months or longer at a Narconon rehab center to get fully clean from the effects of drugs on their bodies and to gain the skills they will need to live drug-free. The length of time it takes for an individual to be certain he can live without drugs varies. One of the reasons Narconon works so well is it allows the person to take the time he needs to fully recover. The large majority of its graduates remain drug-free for years after completing the program.

Victor Wins his Battle with Help from Narconon

Victor came to Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma after many years of not talking to his children or his parents. He said he had managed to stay in touch with one brother who was very helpful in seeing that Victor got the help he needed at Narconon.

Victor said, "When I arrived here I didn't have any friends, didn't have any family left. They had all cut off communication with me."

Rehab Graduate Victor

He continued, "What kept me trapped in my addiction was my guilt, my depression and the craving that I had for the drug. I was like a hamster on a wheel - I just couldn't stop."

Later on during the Narconon program, Victor started to feel more alive again. He said, "I felt like I had been re-humanized by the program. I felt like I was a human being and I was starting to function like one again."

And after completing the Narconon program Victor said, "My life now is like life! Prior to Narconon I didn't have a life. All I did was chase the 'bag.' I was an angry, miserable person. Now, I'm happy and I'm free."

This could be the success of your loved one.

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