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A Life that Spiraled Out of Control Now is Repaired

Vincenzo's addiction landed him in jail more than once. His path was going to lead him into a lengthy prison sentence - and all this solely due to his drug addiction. Everything he did was to get the money to support his habit. This happens far too often to addicts. Criminal behavior comes about as the cravings for drugs drive the addict to do things he would never have done otherwise.

Rehab Graduate Vincenzo

Vincenzo said, "Life for me when addicted was very difficult. My drug abuse started in high school. I was a high school athlete, a wrestler and football player. I had a lot of friends and I was very successful at sports. I started by experimenting with marijuana and drinking and that turned into an everyday thing. In my senior year, I started getting into painkillers because I had an injury from wrestling. As soon as I started the painkillers, it spiraled out of control."

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Vincenzo, like so many others addicted to painkillers, turned to harder drugs. He said that he used painkillers every day, but needed something stronger, so ended up taking OxyContin. Then he ran out of money and began to sell drugs to support his habit. He said, "My life was going down the gutter."

He added, "I was doing things to get my drugs like robbing people, stealing from friends or family - it didn't matter. My relationships started to go down. My family didn't trust me. Friends stopped hanging out with me. I lost girlfriends."

Detox Flushes Drug Residuals

Vincenzo knew he needed help so got into a rehab program that mostly utilized support meetings. However, that didn't work and he got high again right after getting out. He was still getting in trouble with the law. He began to shoot heroin and cocaine. He said, "Once I picked up the needle, I didn't stop. I wasn't eating and was staying up for days on end. I was roaming the streets, stealing from my family, from anybody I could get money from. I got into trouble and got locked up again. It was a lengthy sentence and I knew I had to do something to fix my life."

Vincenzo came to Narconon as his last hope. He was hopeful because he heard how effective the program is. The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program addresses the physical and mental dependencies that result from drug abuse, giving an addict the best chance possible to live a happy and productive life without drugs.

One key aspect of treatment is the sauna-based detoxification. After withdrawal is complete, the recovering addict does this phase, which consists of moderate daily exercise, time in a sauna, and a precise regimen of vitamins, oils and minerals. This detox flushes out residual drugs that have accumulated in the body's tissues. Other toxins also are eliminated. The recovering addict feels refreshed, clean and alert when completed.

Live Without Drugs

The next phase is the life skills training, so important to prepare the person for dealing with the twists and turns that life can throw at him once back home. The six courses that comprise this training are designed to teach the recovering addict the tools and knowledge particularly necessary to live a productive life without drugs. Topics studied include personal integrity and morals, self-respect and responsibility.

Vincenzo said, "As I progressed in the Narconon program I started learned new things. I learned how to live on a day to day basis. This program helps you take control of your life."

Narconon turns lives around every day. A highly successful drug rehab program, Narconon has helped addicts take their lives back for more than forty-five years, tens of thousands now living happy and productive lives after leaving drugs behind.

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