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A Family Reunited After Narconon Program

Narconon Melbourne drug rehab graduate with parents

Former Drug Addict J.H.
Narconon Program Graduate
With Father & Mother

A Father's Journey:

"Imagine your son being born... again!!

"Narconon has given us exactly that gift. Our son has emerged from Narconon as the magnificent man we have always known in our hearts existed. We never, never doubted it--we knew the real man that was hidden from our view by addiction--Narconon has blown away, banished the clouds.

"He has come to terms with has drug abuse and in so doing has released himself from a trail of despair and now treads a life of focus, hope and huge potential. Together with Narconon, he has forged that path and thoroughly deserves to take each step with absolute pride.

"Narconon has unfailingly fired his determination; supported, comforted and loved him when the journey required it; challenged him and nurtured him in his attempts to meet expectations where there is no room for compromise. Narconon and expectations based on understanding are synonymous--that is why our son has succeeded.

"What an amazing journey! What an amazing son! What an amazing organization--Narconon! What an amazing group of people--students and staff!

"Thank you Narconon--you have given life back to our son and you have given our son back to life. Imagine your son being born... again!!

~~ D.H.

A Mother's Journey:

"I gave birth to a wonderful spark of life, who developed into a vibrant, happy, fun loving young life force. He was full of concern and caring for those around him. He bubbled with interest in the wonder of the world. My sister used to say 'I want one just like him!' He was a delightful young child.

"I then watched as I saw the light go out in his eyes as he wrestled with the hell that is drug addiction. It was hard in the finish to see any future as the light in his eyes--the window to his soul--went out. In desperation I searched for help and finally I found Narconon, the only spark of hope in a very long dark tunnel. Six years of torment.

"I watched, hardly daring to hope when he reached out a hand and grabbed the life line held out by Narconon with the guidance and support of his dad. I saw him grasp this life line with extraordinary courage and commitment. I watched week by week, as we retraced the journey to Narconon every Sunday, as I saw the light of possibility rekindle and grow in his eyes.

"Now, 7 months later, that light is a blaze of anticipation for a future he knows he can have. I now watch as a young man, whose knowing, intellect and commitment to the cause, shines like a beacon as he steps out into a drug free life. A life full of dedication to assisting all those who are traveling that path that brought him to the gates of Narconon Warburton and all the wonderful committed souls who have helped him with his journey.

"There are no words that are adequate to thank you all for the guidance and support you have given him as he has wrestled with his past and emerged triumphant into the future he was born to.

"With eternal love and gratitude,"

~~ T.H.

A Son's Journey:

'Son, I've got a place I want you to see.'
Not knowing I'd become this young man to be.
Such a messed up life, at such a young age.
I was a young man filled with so much rage.

A drug problem?... Me?...
Nah, bull, I'm fine.

Not realising I could live a life
with drugs and no crime.
A criminal thought pattern,
where anything could happen.
A raging drug habit,
peace, I couldn't have it.
My possessions I sold,
from other peoples to my own.
I swore it was my life to be.

When I came through these gates
filled with so much hate,
I crumbled and dropped to my knees.

My parents used to tell me a story
and watch me with glory,
when I was only a child and free.
Then knowing they had seen me
become such a looney,
just ate and tore within me.
In this young boy they placed trust
and I turned it to dust
and became everything I never wanted to be.
Watching them hurt with sad feeling
and constantly reeling
made me see that I wasn't the man I should be.

'Don't worry, mate, you'll be a star',
is what he said before leaning in the car.
What a gut-wrenching moment to be.
Little did I know his statement was true.
From then on, my awareness, it flew.

From a body that was stripped
and a mind that was ripped,
I stand here completely reformed.
My head space is stable
and my mind is the table,
to be stacked up with knowledge to learn.

So many new concepts are sitting on this desk
and they're all here for me to just share.
I can help, I can aid
those who have been struck with the blade
of addiction and hate,
that their thought was their fate.
I'll fight and I'll fight to save you!

If there is one thing to scream,
it is to fulfill my parents dream
and yell 'It is your true son
that stands in front of you.'

~~ J.H.

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