Narconon Reviews

Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Review

A review of the Narconon drug rehab program by a graduate of the program:

"... No amount of time and money that could pay back my having a 'Drug Free Life.'"

"I struggled with addiction for 20 plus years, I had tried several (maybe as many as 10 programs) with little or no success. I would go to treatment, detox, start to feel better, get released and then I would get a craving and go get some drugs and the dwindling spiral of addiction would start all over again.

"I found myself in jail; possibly facing prison and my mother found out about the Narconon Program. After trying, and failing over and over and over, in my heart I knew there would never be a way that I could get clean and stay clean.

"I came to Narconon with little or no HOPE. I was depressed, had lost everything worthwhile that meant anything to me. I lost my business, my home, my dogs, a marriage and all the material possessions that I had acquired throughout the years. It was as though I was at the end.

"A few weeks into my Narconon program I was walking down by the pond to feed the horses some apples and carrots after dinner and I had a thought; 'You may never have to do drugs again.' I can't say what had happened to me or where this thought came from but it did.

"The Narconon Program changed my life. I decided that there was no amount of time and money that could pay back my having a 'Drug Free Life.' I have been working at Narconon for about two years and I love it. The staff here really are dedicated to helping people get off drugs once and for all and leading productive lives. I will be forever grateful to Narconon and its staff for giving me my life back.

~~ D.B.
Narconon Program Graduate

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