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Saturday June 12, 2004
Park Rapids Enterprise

View meth 'firsthand'

"Almost three years ago our family nightmare started," Jackie Kratz writes as she describes what has happened to her family.

A nightmare that is becoming far too familiar in this area, methamphetamine use can devastate and paralyze whole families caught in its grip.

Thursday at the Park Rapids Area high School, Park Rapids Community Education is sponsoring an event looking at meth abuse firsthand. Starting at 7 p.m. the Krats family will talk about their experiences dealing with this drug.

After the death of her husband, Kratz believed her middle child John's strange behavior was normal. When he was arrested for meth possession, she realized his behavior was far from normal.

Both John and his brother Brian became meth abusers. After two trips to drug treatment centers failed, Narconon International First Step Program finally helped the brothers stay off meth. The entire family, including their sister Megan, worked hard to ensure the brothers stayed clean.

The Kratz family is working to open a drug treatment center in Coon Rapids, so they can continue to help other families cope with methamphetamine abuse.

"Park Rapids is not immune to the meth problem. How many times will you pick up a newspaper to hear of another meth bust before you take action to our community?" asks Sandy Eberhart, community education director.

"This is a challenge to everyone who lives in this community. Knowledge is power. Come hear the story and learn," she said. Admission is free.

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